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Covid-19 Vaccine Race Turns Deep Freezers Into a Hot Commodity

Drug, logistics and public-health officials assemble a cold-storage supply chain as experimental vaccines approach the end of late-stage testing Article Written by:  Jared S. Hopkins/Wall Street Journal Updated Sept. 4, 2020 7:45 am ET An ultracold freezer used by contract drugmaker Catalent. Such freezers aren’t common in hospitals, but some Covid-19 vaccines in testing must be […]

Technological Advances in Lab Freezers and Increased Demand Forecast for 2020

Increased blood transfusions. Growth in the demand for blood and plasma. An increased use of cryptopreservation techniques for the storage of cell lines. Research activities related to the treatment of disease. And new technology that better meets the demands of the industry. All of these are reasons behind the increased global demand for lab freezers […]

What You Need to Know to Store Vaccines in Refrigerators

Every year, millions of people receive vaccines to boost their immunity and increase their resistance to infectious illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, immunization is a proven tool to control life-threatening infectious diseases that kill almost 3 million people annually.  It’s one of the most cost-effective investments to protect the health of vulnerable populations. Vaccines […]

The 7 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Laboratory Refrigerator: The Ultimate Checklist

Laboratory refrigerators in medical facilities and research centers are intended for long-term, reliable storage of temperature-sensitive samples. Just like any essential lab equipment, failure to follow the best maintenance practices could lead to sub-optimal performance. This could be detrimental to the lab fridge itself as well as your precious sample material. The main priority of […]