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With the race for a COVID-19 vaccine quickly progressing, it is imperative that healthcare facilities prepare now to safely store these critical vaccines as soon as they are approved. Dozens of vaccines are under development, all of which have unique temperature storage requirements at various stages of manufacturing, distribution and administration. 

Point of care facilities including hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, and pharmacies all need to prepare early to ensure that the proper cold storage equipment is in place prior to approval of a vaccine and the hundreds of millions of doses required. Whether frozen, refrigerated, and room temperature storage, Lab Research Products can support the temperature ranges for all vaccine candidates and can provide solutions for any size requirements.

Lab Research Product’s portfolio of critical equipment includes:

  • 4°C Refrigerators
  • -20°C to -40°C Low Temperature Freezers
  • -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
  • Specialty Products such as Controlled Room Temperature Cabinets and Controlled Auto Defrost Freezers

Thank you for your support as we work through these challenging times together.

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Learn more about the CDC’s Guidelines on Vaccine Storage and Handling


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