Lab Research Products Announces Availability of its New, Patent Pending Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer

Lab Research Products Announces Availability of its New, Patent Pending Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer

Auto Defrost Convenience with the stable temperatures of Manual Defrost Freezers is finally available with Lab Research Product’s Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer.

Summerville, SC, September 17, 2018: With patent pending technology, LRP has developed a freezer solution for clinical laboratories and pharmacies allowing these facilities to meet stringent compliance requirements while experiencing the convenience and operational efficiency of auto defrost freezing. By combining the temperature control of a manual defrost freezer with the limited maintenance of an auto defrost, the LRP Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer eliminates the struggle of maintaining critical storage temperatures within an auto defrost freezer for clients in laboratories, clinics, and pharmacies.  Previously, to maintain those critical temperatures, it required the use of a manual defrost freezer that would eventually involve time-consuming and inconvenient manual defrosting.  Further, guidelines and regulations required a secondary or back-up freezer for when manual defrosting had to be performed. This not only added cost but also wasted valuable space.  No longer is there a need to worry about temperature excursions resulting from auto defrost cycles that could potentially cause irreparable damage to the valuable product stored in the freezer. With the innovative technology of the Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer, critical temperatures are maintained, even through multiple daily defrost cycles.

Operating efficiencies are easily realized as there is no longer a need to relocate product to a backup freezer to perform defrosts.  Cost savings are also realized as there is no need to have a second, redundant, freezer used solely for product relocation during the defrost exercise of the primary freezer.  Product can be safely kept, without the worry of temperature spikes, within the freezer chamber with the new Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer.  Efficiencies are increased, cost savings are realized, work space is created, product viability is improved with stable temperatures, and compliance is met for state and federal regulations within your workplace with the new Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer by LRP.

Lab Research Products is committed to building sustainable, environmentally friendly products.  The new Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer is the latest example of how LRP leads the industry in this initiative.  The CAD freezer uses hydrocarbon (natural) refrigerants that help reduce energy consumption, are non-toxic and have no ozone-depleting properties.  For more information about our sustainable products, visit our website at

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